Migrate School Email Account to Personal Gmail Account


  1. With your school login, sign into https://takeout.google.com/transfer
  2. Click on the Start Transfer button. 
  3. Enter the email address of the personal Gmail account that you want to transfer the school account to then click on Send Code.
  4. Sign into your personal account’s email and look for the Verify your account email from Google. Open this email and click Get confirmation code.

Migrate school 1

  1. Switch back to your school account’s browser and enter the confirmation code into the verification box then click on the Verify button.

Migrate school 2

  1. On the Select the content to copy and transfer screen, toggle on or off services that you would like to transfer such as Drive or Gmail. When you are done. Click on the Start Transfer button.
    Migrate school 3
  2. You are done! The process may take up to a week to complete. You will receive an email from Google when the transfer is complete.