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Frequently asked questions

Learn a bit more about what we do

I'm not sure where to start...

Start with us! We can help build a technology roadmap and strategy that delivers the results you need, without introducing costs and complexities that you don't!

Can you help with network issues?

Yes! Our certified network technicians can help from network installation and setup, to advanced firewall and security configurations!

I need security cameras and physical access control. Can you help?

Yes! Let our certified installation and configuration technicians ensure that your security cameras are optimized both in location as well as operation. Our physical access control technicians can guarantee that your doors are secured, and that you have "view anywhere, unlock from anywhere" access to your facilities - no matter where they are located!

I need strategic planning services. Can you help?

Yes! From budget projections to project management, we start with the "why" and then move to the "how". Let us come along side your leadership team to help drive results!

I can't afford tech services. What can you do for me?

We always start with the "why" and then move to the "how". You may be surprised at how affordable solutions can be!

I need help with policies, procedures and budget!

Let us help!

  • Need support and assistance with board policies? We are familiar with MTSBA recommended policies on a wide range of technology issues.
  • Need help with your budget? We have been building MASBO-supported budgets for years!
  • Need help with administrative guidelines? We've advised AUPs, discipline escalation guidelines, and many more types of internal procedures!
My organization needs to figure out the cloud. Can you help?

Yes! Whether Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace, our trained and experienced staff can guide you through retiring your costly on-premise solutions and moving your organization to the nimble, secure, and cost-effective cloud!

My backup recovery plan is a disaster. Can you help?

Disaster recovery and business continuity are no joking matters. If your organization suffers from a cyber attack or other critical technology outage, you can't afford a costly outage. Let us help you find peace of mind in a robust and proven disaster recovery strategy!

What about something else?

Contact us to start a conversation today!