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2024-07 MASBO Summer Session - Technology budgeting_ PUNT, PRETEND, or PLAN - K12 Montana
Technology budgeting

JUNE 2024, MASBO Summer Conference

When it comes to technology budgeting, does your district PUNT, PRETEND, or PLAN? Basic goal setting and planning can ensure that budgets are fact-based and align with goals.

TITLE SLIDE - 2024-04 MASBO Technology Webinar - MT HB890 Technology Considerations, META & K12 Montana
HB 890 Technology Considerations

APRIL 2024, MASBO Technology Workshop

This statute goes live on July 1, 2024. After this date, First Class and Second Class districts (most of Montana) must record and publish the video of board meetings. Learn what to do!

TITLE SLIDE - 2024-04 MASBO Technology Webinar - Website ADA compliance - K12 Montana
Website ADA compliance

APRIL 2024, MASBO Technology Workshop

Learn about ADA compliance for your district website. Don't think this is important? It is! Your district policy 4350 probably says you are making your best efforts to be compliant!

TITLE SLIDE - META conference - SIMPLIFY to succeed
Simplify To Succeed

MARCH 2024, SAM Spring Legal and Technology Conference

"Make things as simple as possible, but not simpler."
A brief overview of the K12 Montana method.