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​We make IT work for YOU!

Technology is an enabler, not an objective.​

Who We Serve

We serve you!

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K-12 Education

Students and teachers first! Let's get technology enhancing education. Looking for a technology plan? Let's start by discussing your curriculum objectives!


Small & Medium Business

Your business achieves results through technology. Let us build a plan that meets goals, or let us provide ongoing network management and support to keep you running smoothly!



Let's maximize your good! Your organization needs technology that lets you do good but doesn't break the bank. We know these challenges and can help. Don't let the cost or complexity of "business" tools interfere with your mission!

Let us do IT.

Let our team-focused, process-first approach help reach your goals.

Team Focused

Our approach is team-based. We want to know your organization. We believe your team is what drives your results. Getting to know your team - who they are, what they do, and how they work - will allow us to craft the most empowering technology strategy.

Process First

We are process people. We don't focus on solutions until we understand the opportunities and the objectives. We focus on the WHAT and WHY, before the HOW. We are people and process first - that is how we achieve proper and efficient results.


The K12 Montana team is experienced. Our certified staff won't let you fall behind - we are constantly evolving our skillsets and knowledge to ensure implementation of the latest security and cost-saving protocols. Rest assured - you will get the best.

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A photo of Shaun Benson, Marketing Manager, Agriflora Inc.
Shaun Benson, Marketing Manager, Agriflora Inc.

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