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Log into Windows with Google Email

Hey School Techs! This is BIG.

Your users can log in to Windows PCs with their Google Workspace for Education email address!

How? With Google Credential Provider for Windows® (GCPW)!

GCPW is a free, official Google solution that will let you truly do something magical: put Google identities in the center of your organization's Windows machines.

Look at these cool features:

  • GCPW lets teachers, staff, and students log into Windows PCs in much the same way they log into Chromebooks!
  • You can configure your Windows PCs so that ONLY people from your organization ( or can log in!
  • You can control ALL of your user identities through Google Workspace - no more synchronizing users to AD or Azure or another identity provider!
  • Using a tool like, you can automatically deploy and configure GCPW through blueprints and eliminate the need for InTune or Active Directory!
  • Check out the full installation guide from Google (or check out for a simpler way to manage GCPW and your environment!)

If you want to INCREASE security and DECREASE complexity, consider GCPW. It is AWESOME.

Are you interested in understanding how to go SERVERLESS and make your life SIMPLER? Contact K12 Montana - we want to help!


Google Credential Provider for Windows® (GCPW) lets users sign in to Windows® devices with the Google Account they use for work. GCPW provides users with a single sign-on experience to Google services and all the security features available with their Google Account.