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HB890 News - recording Board Meetings

Starting July 1, you may need to video board meetings!

As you may know, the Montana legislature has passed a bill (HB 0890 - 2024) that impacts your board meetings. You may already have a plan for complying with the new requirements of this bill but if you do not yet have a plan or want to double-check that you have everything in place, please read on!

We have created both a slide deck and a PDF. The slide deck is comprehensive and the PDF covers some of the basic points.

Slides: K12MT HB 890 Technology Considerations


Please consult with your attorney and work with the board to get this implemented by your June meeting to do a shakedown run to make sure everything is working well before July. 

As always, if you have any questions or need assistance, reach out to us at K12 Montana and we’ll be happy to help!